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Zoo Animals Printables | 11 Free Wild Animal Worksheets

These zoo animals printables are great for preschoolers, homeschool learners or kindergarten students.

Zoo Animals Printables

There are 11 zoo animal worksheets and each one targets a different skill. Learn about wild animal vocabulary through: coloring, cutting and pasting, creating a wild animal cube, tracing and matching.

Here’s the first of the zoo animals printables. It’s a trace and match worksheet. Preschool learners must trace the wild animal word and then draw a line to the picture. There are 5 wild animals: lion, bear, elephant, rhino, hippo.

Here’s the second of the zoo animals printables. It’s another trace and match worksheet. There are another 5 wild animal vocabulary words: panda, tiger, wolf, giraffe, snake.

Here’s the third of the zoo animals printables. It’s an exciting cut and paste activity. Preschool learners must paste the wild animal next to the word in the forest.

Here’s the fourth of the zoo animals printables. It’s the second part of the cut and paste activity. There are 5 more wild animal vocabulary words.

Here’s the fifth of the zoo animals printables. It’s a multiple choice printable that might prove challenging to preschool learners. We provide this worksheet for any higher level preschoolers. This is optional, feel free to use it or not. If you are going to use it, we suggest doing it together with the young learner.

Here’s the sixth of the zoo animals printables. This is a wild animal cube (wild animal dice). Preschool learners will love coloring the zoo animals. Then they will love rolling the dice and saying what the different wild animals are.

Here’s another wild animals cube. This one has simpler icon/outline style drawings. You might prefer the simpler look to the more realistic cube. You can choose whichever one you think your students would prefer. They have the same animals as the cube above: lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo, snake and bear.

Here’s the eighth of the wild animals printables. It’s an exciting 8 page mini book that can be made from one piece of paper. There is a cover page and 7 wild animal pages: lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo, snake, bear, tiger. Students can color the animals and (optional) trace the wild animal words. Here’s a link to a video that shows you how to assemble the book:

Here’s a fun video to teach your kids about wild animals and zoo animals.

Zoo Animals Coloring Worksheets

We have added 3 coloring worksheets. Each worksheet has 5 wild animals and students can trace the names of the animals too.

The first zoo animals coloring worksheet has 5 animals: lion, elephant, hippo, rhino and bear.

The second zoo animals coloring worksheet has 5 animals: snake, turtle, kangaroo, crocodile and monkey.

The third wild animals coloring worksheet has 5 animals (all birds): pelican, eagle, flamingo, ostrich and toucan.

Zoo Animals Printables | English for Everyone

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