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Classroom Objects Worksheets for Preschool | 8 Free PDFs

These classroom objects worksheets are great for preschool students, homeschool learners or kindergarten students.

Classroom Objects Worksheets for Preschool

There are 8 Free PDFs for you to download.

Here’s the first of the classroom objects worksheets. It’s a fun tracing and matching printable. Preschool learners will trace the word and then draw a line to the picture of that classroom object. There are 5 classroom objects: pencil, chair, bag, book, eraser.

Here’s the second of the classroom worksheets. It’s the second part of the tracing and matching worksheet. There are five more classroom objects: pen, ruler, crayons, whiteboard, computer.

Here’s the third of the classroom worksheets. It’s an exciting printable that has a few options for the teacher. You can do a straight forward How many…? activity. This way students will have to find and count the classroom objects. You can also that students circle the objects in the picture.

Here are the fourth and fifth classroom worksheets. You can choose which printable you want to use, the one with the outline or without. We have put them both together. This is a fun cut and paste activity. Preschoolers will have to paste the classroom objects into the correct places.

Here’s the fifth worksheet. It’s similar to the fourth but without the dotted lines around the classroom objects.

Here’s the sixth of the school items worksheets. It’s a trace and color printable with 5 different school objects: pencil, chair, bag, eraser, crayon.

Here’s the seventh worksheet. It’s a mini book. You can easily assemble the mini book with one piece of paper.

Classroom Objects 3D Folding Room

You can make an awesome 3D folding classroom with your class from 1 piece of paper. Students can color the classroom and the classroom objects. Then assemble the room. Students can customize their classroom by glueing the objects wherever they like. There are things like whiteboard, clock, pencil, pen, ruler, and more.

Classroom Objects Presentations and Videos

You can use this classroom objects presentation as a good teaching aid. It’s goes with the first worksheet. It also works well with most of the worksheets here. Preschoolers will love the funny pictures.

Classroom Objects by

Here’s a fun video to practice things in the classroom. It’s a fun guessing game. Only a part of the classroom object is revealed at first. Then it gets a bit bigger. Young learners will have a blast trying to guess what it is.

Classroom video

Classroom Objects | Free English for Everyone

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