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Letter A Printables for Preschool | 4 Fun Worksheets

These letter A printables are great for preschool students, homeschool students and kindergarten learners.

Letter A Printables

These worksheets are big and bright and filled with lots of coloring activities. There are 4 different teacher made letter A printables that each tackle a new skill.

Here’s the first of the letter A printables. It’s a fun coloring activity where preschool students must find big A and small a and color them any color that they like.

Here’s the second of the letter A printables. There are 3 coloring activities on this worksheet. This printable will give preschool students a variety of activities as well as looking at A vocabulary like apple, alligator and ant.

Here’s the third of the letter A printables. It’s an exciting letter A cube (letter A dice). There are 6 different letter A vocabulary words on the dice that preschool learners can color: ant, apple, alligator, airplane, arrow, axe.

Here’s the fourth of the letter A printables. It’s a fun coloring activity that will reveal a letter A vocabulary word after it has been colored. Preschool learners must color big A red, small a brown, and big B blue.

Videos or Presentations

Here are a few extras. Feel free to use these. These complement the worksheets and are great to use as teaching aids before handing out the printables.

The first is a short 1 minute video for letter A. It’s great for teaching the sounds of letter A. You will also learn 3 vocabulary words: apple, ant, alligator.

The next is a presentation that teaches the 6 letter A vocabulary words that are on the letter A cube: apple, ant, alligator, airplane, arrow, ax.

Letter A Vocabulary by WorksheetsPreschool.com

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