Color the shapes worksheet

Shapes for Preschool | 4 Free Worksheets

Shapes for preschool worksheets | These printables are great for preschoolers to learn all about basic shapes. There are 4 Free PDF printables for you to download.

Shapes for Preschool

Here’s the first of the shapes worksheets for preschoolers. It’s a coloring worksheet. Students must color the shape a certain color. Circles are red, squares are yellow, triangles are blue, and rectangles are green.

Here’s the second of the shapes worksheets. It’s a matching worksheet. Students must match the shape to an object with that same shape. The 4 shapes are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle.

Here’s the third of the shapes for preschool worksheets. It’s a matching worksheet where students must match the shape to the word. There are 4 shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle.

Here’s the fourth of the shapes worksheets. It’s a shape scavenger hunt. Students must take their worksheet with them and find different shapes in the classroom or outside. Then they must draw different objects they see that match the shape. The 4 shapes are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle.

Shapes for Preschool | Free for Everyone

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