letter x worksheets

Letter X Worksheets | 4 Fun PDF Printables

These letter X worksheets are great for kindergarten students, homeschool learning, preschool learners or any young learners that need to practice letter X phonics.

Letter X Worksheets

You can download 4 different letter X worksheets for Free. Each printable targets a different skill and is great to use on its own or in conjunction with whatever curriculum you are following. Your preschoolers will love them.

Here’s the first of the letter X worksheets for preschoolers. It’s a simple and fun coloring activity. Preschool learners will have to look for big X and small x and color them any color of their choosing.

Here’s the second of the letter X worksheets. It has 3 sections on the one printable and students will learn the X vocabulary: box, fox, six.

Here’s the third of the letter X worksheets. It’s a letter X cube (letter X dice). **We recommend printing this on thicker paper, card stock or something equivalent. Early learners will love coloring the cube first. After it has been cut and pasted (or taped) together, students can roll the dice and say what the letter X word is. There are 6 letter X vocabulary words: box, fox, six, ox, axe, x-ray.

Here’s the fourth of the letter X printables. There’s a letter X word hidden in the picture. Preschool students must color big X yellow and small x green to find the hidden word. It’s a letter X vocabulary word.

Letter X Worksheets Preschool | PPT Presentation

Here’s a fun slideshow presentation to help teach the letter X. There are 6 vocabulary words and they correspond with the X cube.

Letter X Vocabulary by WorksheetsPreschool.com

Letter X Worksheets Preschool | Free for Everyone

We have made all of our worksheets available for free. We believe that everyone should benefit from the wonderful technology that’s available today. We hope you and your students enjoy our worksheets.

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